Chikungunya disease and chloroquine treatment

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    Chikungunya disease and chloroquine treatment

    Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. Most of cases are expressed as a mild disease, with intense fever and arthralgias, with rare but serious complications (encephalitis, liver, cardiac or renal failures.) having required a hospitalization in an intensive care unit. A severe outbreak of Chikungunya fever has been reported at La Réunion Island (France) in 2005-2006. Chikungunya virus is an alphavirus transmitted to humans by the bite of infected mosquitoes, usually of the genus Aedes (Aedes albopictus in La Réunion).

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    Chloroquine is also utilised in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Yet the activity of the molecule is not limited to malaria and the control of inflammatory processes, as illustrated by its broad-spectrum activity against a range of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Chikungunya virus, a re-emerging mosquito-borne alphavirus, causes fever, rash and persistent arthralgia/arthritis in humans. Severe outbreaks have occurred resulting in infections of millions of people in Southeast Asia and Africa. Currently there are no antiviral drugs or vaccines for prevention and treatment of chikungunya infections. Chloroquine treatment for five days in patients with acute chikungunya did not protect against sever e disease. Moreover, the first analysis has shown that chronic arthralgia on day 300 post.

    Chikungunya was proven in 246 serious cases; 101 patients had comorbidities, and 27% of confirmed cases eventually died. 273 of such serious cases (immediately life threatening condition) have been reported among the cases, in patients aged over 10 days (59% were 65 age old).

    Chikungunya disease and chloroquine treatment

    An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19., Approaches to the treatment of disease induced by chikungunya.

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  6. Chikungunya Disease and Chloroquine Treatment. CHIKV is the aetiological agent of the mosquito-borne disease chikungunya fever, a debilitating arthritic disease that, during the past seven.

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    Chikungunya disease and chloroquine treatment. Delogu I1, de Lamballerie X. Author information 1Unité des Virus Emergents, UMR190 Aix-Marseille 2 University-IRD-EHESP, Marseille, France. To evaluate whether chloroquine CQ is more effective than meloxicam for treating early musculoskeletal pain and arthritis following acute chikungunya CHIK virus infection. Methods. During the 2006 CHIK epidemic, 509 rural community cases of acute CHIK virus infection were identified in the district of Sholapur in India. The symptoms of chikungunya are similar to those of dengue and Zika, diseases spread by the same mosquitoes that transmit chikungunya. See your healthcare provider if you develop the symptoms described above and have visited an area where chikungunya is found. If you have recently traveled, tell your healthcare provider when and where you traveled.

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    Wrong Hydroxychloroquine Dose Is Common, Putting Eyes at Risk. Hydroxychloroquine-related eye problems were once considered rare, but better detection methods now show that they occur in about 7 percent of patients. The risk increases with a higher dose and longer therapy. Vision risks. Hydroxychloroquine is dosed according to body weight.

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